at Krecious House

Our Highlights

Healthy Nutritional Meal Plan

We serve a variety of balanced meals to meet your child’s nutritional needs.

Safety & Hygiene

Daily procedure and scheduled cleaning sop will be keep on track. Children will be trained and encouraged to maintain their personal hygiene.

Language Exposure

English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia will be used to interact with the children throughout the day.

Parents Involvement

Our educators will regularly engage parents to support each child’s learning journey through multiple activities and take-home kits.

Teacher-child Ratio

We will provide an ideal teacher-child ratio in our classes.

Teaching Approaches

Our programmes strive to maintain academic achievement with a balance of physical and social activities for the holistic development of your child.

Qualified Early Childhood Educators

Our educators will be constantly kept abreast with the latest trends & developments in early childhood education via regular training programmes. This will make sure that our educators can maximize their professional competencies.

Our Activities

Creative Art

We encourage creativity and innovation from our children through different art techniques such as painting, crafting, splashing, etc.

Multipurpose Room

A variety of musical instruments & drama play setting to help children to express their emotions and build their confidence.

Show & Tell Sessions

Every Monday there will be a sharing session by children about their weekend experiences. This will encourage children to look forward to coming to school on Mondays.

Gymnastic Lessons

A series of fun physical activities designed by professional gymnastic instructor to enhance the children’s fine and gross motor skills.

Cookery Lessons

Children will be given the opportunity to experience different cultures and learn about balanced diet through our culinary classes such as Tang Yuan, Chinese dumplings, Nasi lemak, sushi, etc.


Children also will be given a hands-on exposure to learn about the life cycle of plants through our gardening programme.